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How To Lock a Folder With Password Using Free Folder Protector

How To Lock a Folder :How To Lock a Folder

How To Lock a Folder is now every one of us have a few documents and envelopes that we consider private. They can be anything from our business records to pictures of loved ones. These are records that we don’t need other individuals utilizing our PC to think about. As Windows offers no real way to ensure our private data, a large portion of us get in cumbersome circumstances when these documents are found by undesirable individuals.

Bolt Folder Windows

Without a doubt, you can store this data in a concealed organizer. The main issue is that anybody can undoubtedly look through the substance of a concealed envelope utilizing Windows Search itself.

The main practical arrangement is putting away this substance in a secret word ensured envelope so just those individuals knowing the watchword of the organizer can get to it. There are numerous organizer locking programs accessible on the web however the issue is that a large portion of the great ones are paid. Regardless of the possibility that you do figure out how to get a decent free one. You will  taken a gander at suspiciously when individuals see an organizer locker in the rundown of your introduced programs.

On the off chance that you too end up in a comparative circumstance, you can attempt Folder Protector, a secret key defender for Windows envelopes that is free as well as compact implying that it doesn’t should be introduced. Simply tap on the exe record and the program will begin running.

Organizer Protector

Organizer Protector offers every client a secured envelope that must  opened by entering the secret key in FolderProtector. Dissimilar to most security programs, Folder Protector is little in measure (almost 58KB) and does not demonstrate the envelope that it is ensuring. This gives an extra preferred standpoint that individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea about the secret key don’t have an objective to attempt and hack their way into. As the product is versatiling, you can conceal it or even erase. It subsequent to ensuring your organizer and nobody will understand that it was utilized. At that point at whatever point you have to get to ensured documents, you can re-download the program from this page, enter the secret word and access your secured records.

Now the Work is Download Folder Protector

Download for Windows 10, 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Download for Windows XP


  • 1) This program utilizes a straightforward technique to bolt documents and ought not  utilized to ensure genuinely delicate data. It is best to scramble that sort of data.
  • 2) Do not invigorate your Windows when your organizer is bolted. Doing that will erase your records.

How To Lock a Folder utilize  Protector?

When you run Folder Protector surprisingly, the program will approach you for a secret word that you need to utilize. Enter a watchword that you can recall as this will be the secret key to your secured envelope.

How To Lock a Folder

Bolt Folder With Password

In the wake of entering the secret word, the program will open an organizer named SecuredFILES. You can include all your private records in this envelope. This envelope is situating at the Desktop. Subsequent to including every one of your documents, you may close this organizer.

At that point, you can utilize the menu in the program to bolt your organizer. To bolt the envelope, sort bolt as your activity. After effectively bolting the organizer, FolderProtector will show that the envelope is bolteing.


How To Lock a Folder Free:

Opening the ensured envelope is simple. Simply sort open as your activity. At that point the program will request that you enter your watchword. Upon effectively entering the secret key, the program will show the substance of your ensured envelope.

Changing the Password: Just sort change as your activity. The program will approach you for your present secret key. Upon effective passage of the present secret key, the program will request your new watchword and change it in a split second.

Affirmation: This product has  made conceivable just through the recommendations of perusers of this blog, particularly Ernell Albert Galido for his concept of utilizing a menu based interface.

Windows Compatibility: This program has effectively tried on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Support and Development

I will keep on developing this product further. Along these lines, your recommendations are welcomeing. On the off chance that you confront any issue while utilizing this product, you can utilize our help page.


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