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Pilgrims gathering at Mecca to perform annual Hajj rituals

Muslims from over the world are assembling in Saudi Arabian city of Mecca for the yearly hajj journey to partake in the accompanying ceremonies:Hajj rituals

  • Ihram: Pilgrims wear unique outfits, which for men is a two-piece white consistent article of clothing. Ladies wear free dress, for the most part white, with just the face and hands uncovered. Amid this period, pioneers must keep away from physical relations with inverse sex, quarreling, stay away from to utilize fragrance and not trim their hair or nails.Hajj ritualsHajj rituals
  • – Once in Mecca, pioneers perform Tawaf, or circumambulation, seven times counter-clockwise, around the Kaaba, a dark brick work solid shape in the focal point of the Grand Mosque.
  • – Pilgrims at that point walk seven times between two stone spots at the mosque. Imitating a look for water by Ibrahim’s better half Hagar in a custom known as Sa’i.Hajj rituals
  • These ceremonies are viewed as the umra, or lesser journey, and come in front of the hajj’s principle rituals when travelers make a beeline for Mina. Around five kilometers (three miles) east of the Grand Mosque.
  • – The following day, travelers assemble on the slope known as Jabal al-Rahma (Mount of Mercy). The encompassing Mount Arafat plain, 10 kilometers southeast of Mina, where the Imam of Ka’aba conveys Hajj sermon. The travelers stay at Mount Arafat until night for supplication and to peruse the Koran.Hajj rituals


  •  After dusk, travelers leave for Muzdalifah, somewhere between Arafat and Mina, where they remain in any event until midnight. They accumulate rocks to play out the representative “stoning of the fallen angel”.
  •  At the begin of the Eid al-Adha devour, travelers come back to Mina for the first of three day by day stoning ceremonies. Generally, seven rocks are tossed at a post speaking to the demon, copying the activities of Prophet Abraham. Since 2004, it has been supplanted by dividers to suit the rising quantities of travelers and to endeavor to stay away from a rehash of dangerous smashes at the site.
  •  After the primary stoning, sheep are butchering and the meat circulated to destitute Muslims. Symbolizing Abraham’s eagerness to yield his child Ishmael on the request of God. Who gave a sheep in the kid’s place at last.
  •  Men at that point shave their heads or trim their hair while ladies trim a fingertip-length of their locks. After that they can end their ihram and change once more into typical apparel.
  •  They at that point come back to the Grand Mosque in Mecca, circumambulating seven times around the Kaaba.  Again performing Sa’i.
  • The explorers at that point come back to Mina to proceed with the stoning custom for a few more days.
  •  Finally, they come back to the Grand Mosque, circumambulating the Kaaba seven times.

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