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Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2017 to 2018

All About Prize Bond Scheme in Pakistan:

Prize Bonds is gold venture and are conveyor sort of security accessible in the groups of Rs.200, Rs.750, Rs.1,500, Rs.7,500, Rs.15,000,Rs.25000 and Rs.40,000. These bonds are issued in arrangement. Every arrangement comprise of one under 1,000,000 bonds. No settled return is paid however prize draws are hung on quarterly premise. The draws are held under regular draw strategy and the quantity of prizes are same for every arrangement. It implies that if 50 arrangement of Rs.200 Prize Bond are available for use.

At that point on each draw we have 50 champs of first prize and 150 victors of second Prize et cetera. Prize Bond’s Scheme is the main legal hotspot for poor and white collar class individuals venture chances to end up noticeably rich overnight and making their fantasies work out as expected Prize security offers speculation choices and it is obviously better then forex speculation yet this plan has been overlooked terribly, Recently, benefit rates on five sparing plans to be specific Defense Saving Schemes – DSS.

Regular Income Certificates – RIC, Behbood Saving Certificates – BSC, Savings Accounts – SA and Special Saving Certificates – SSC have been expanded by 8 to 50 premise focuses however Prize Bond Scheme was not given thought by any stretch of the imagination. Lamentably, the expansion of benefit rates on these said plans won’t decrease levy weight of Rs. 150 billion or more because of Defense Saving Certificates developing soon. Prize Bonds’ Scheme is the main rescuer in such manner, gave and they resemble infant formula.


First Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

NoAmount (Rs)


Amount (Rs)


 Amount (rs)


Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2017 to 2018:

Prize Draw Schedule as prize bond are accessible in various measurement and draw for each bond happens following three month you can discover draw Schedule for all the prize bond draw that will happen in 2017 2018 on funpointz.com. Discover prize bond draw Schedule of worth 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000 and 40000 separately. You can likewise download this attract Schedule Excel PDF CSV Format from the connection given beneath or you can simply utilize duplicate catch to duplicate this draw plan

1Rs. 15,00069January, 03 2017TuesdayRawalpindi
2Rs. 75069January, 16 2017MondayFaisalabad
3Rs. 25,00020February, 01 2017WednesdayQuetta
4Rs. 7,50069February, 01 2017WednesdayPeshawar
5Rs. 1,50069February, 15 2017WednesdayHyderabad
6Rs.10017February, 15 2017WednesdayMuzaffarabad
7Rs. 40,00069March, 01 2017WednesdayKarachi
8Rs. 20069March, 15 2017WednesdayRawalpindi
9Rs. 15,00070April, 03 2017MondayLahore
10Rs. 75070April, 17 2017MondayPeshawar
11Rs. 7,50070May, 02 2017TuesdayFaisalabad
12Rs. 25,00021May, 02 2017TuesdayMultan
13Rs.10018May, 15 2017MondayQuetta
14Rs. 1,50070May, 15 2017MondayLahore
15Rs. 40,00070June, 01 2017ThursdayRawalpindi
16PREMIUM Bond1June, 12 2017MondayPESHAWAR
17Rs. 20070June, 15 2017ThursdayKarachi
18Rs. 15,00071July, 04 2017TuesdayMuzaffarabad
19Rs. 75071July, 17 2017MondayLahore
20Rs. 25,00022August, 01 2017TuesdayPeshawar
21Rs. 7,50071August, 01 2017TuesdayRawalpindi
22Rs.10019August, 15 2017TuesdayKarachi
23Rs. 1,50071August, 15 2017TuesdayMultan
24Rs. 40,00071September, 01 2017FridayHyderabad
25PREMIUM Bond2September, 10 2017SundayLAHORE
26Rs. 20071September, 15 2017FridayMuzaffarabad
27Rs. 15,00072October, 02 2017MondayMultan
28Rs. 75072October, 16 2017MondayHyderabad
29Rs. 25,00023November, 01 2017WednesdayKarachi
30Rs. 7,50072November, 01 2017WednesdayQuetta
31Rs. 1,50072November, 15 2017WednesdayPeshawar
32Rs.10020November, 15 2017WednesdayHyderabad
33Rs. 40,00072December, 01 2017FridayFaisalabad
34PREMIUM Bond3December, 10 2017SundayKARACHI
35Rs. 20072December, 15 2017FridayLahore

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